The River Network offers personal, 1 on 1 coaching with an experienced church planner. 

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Coaching Packages RECOMMENDED:: 3, 6, or 12 month Coaching Package 

Month to Month: Select Give Now, and designate $240/month to "Coaching" on a monthly basis. Month to month payments must be sent as automatic monthly payments.

Why do I need a coach?

There are many, proven reasons to engage in an ongoing coaching relationship but these four are common to us all.

You have blind spots. We all do. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that gap can result in wasted resources, ineffectiveness, and frustration. A coach helps you realize your blind spots and take action to overcome them.

You never get objective feedback. The higher up you are in any organization, the less feedback you get.
Your team members and congregation rarely give a pastor honest, objective feedback for many reasons. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. They are afraid you will be mad at them. The list goes on. A coach can not only give you feedback, but also help integrate the feedback for specific actions.

You are caught on the ministry treadmill. Most of us operate on autopilot much of the time. We take short cuts rather than thinking hard or long about things. Coaching allows you to take a hard look at your capabilities and get off the treadmill to be more intentional, have a clear focus, and make great decisions.

Coaching works. Research proves that coaching equips and empowers you to be a better leader.
• Ninety-eight percent of coaching clients said their coach "provided practical, realistic, and immediately usable input" and helped them "identify specific behaviors that would help me achieve my goals." (Center for Creative Leadership study, 2016)
• Nearly two‐thirds who received coaching said it had a significant impact on their performance and job satisfaction. (BlessingWhite Consulting, 2015)
• A 2013 study by Anthony Grant found that leaders who received coaching experienced effects that transferred over into their family life, including better work-life balance and improved relationships with family members.

How can coaching help me and my ministry?

A coach is an objective thought partner who works for you and with you to help you be more effective, reach your ministry goals, and grow in your own faith journey. A coach brings: 1) A depth of thought to what you think is important; 2) the resources and tools to reach your goals; and 3) the motivation and accountability for what you want to accomplish. Coaching encourages a “forced focus” on what is most important to you versus the constant distraction of the ministry treadmill.

How much does coaching cost?

The River Network offers a variety of coaching packages, centered around 1 hour per month. We recommend at least a 3 month commitment to best implement the benefits of coaching.

Monthly, 1 hour per month, $240

3 Month package, $660 (a savings of $60 over month-to-month)

6 Month package, $1320 (a savings of $120 over month-to-month)

12 Month package, $2580 (a savings of $300 over month-to-month)