Getting Started

Church planting is a unique calling.
We're here to help.

Starting a Church

I want to Plant a Church. How can The River Network help me? The River Network works to help church planters discern their calling, train with the necessary skills for a successful plant, and provide individual coaching along the way. Check out our "River Flow" below for more details!

I think God is calling me to plant. How do I get approved to start a church? We support God's callings! We believe a church can be planted by anyone and anywhere to spread the Good News of Jesus.

I would like to plant a church, but I am not an ordained pastor. In accordance with the GMC Book of Discipline (ΒΆ350), The River Network believes that a local church can be planted by any layperson or clergy person. We encourage churches led by laity to follow a house church multiplication method while they worship together without a pastor.

Does The River Network provide funding or financial support to church planters? The River Network is an organization dedicated to training and equipping church planters to best succeed in their calling. We do not provide financial support directly, but we offer trainings on raising support and guidance on the financial resources available.

Is the River Network associated with a particular denomination? The River Network is a strategic partner of the Global Methodist Church in their mission to plant new GMC churches. Additionally, we work with a variety of church plants that identify with other denominations or as non-denominational.

The River Network's Flow

1. Connect  Church planters are disciples who have a vision for seeing the Kingdom come to a community in a fresh way and who like starting new things. If that sounds like you, let us know you are interested in planting by filling out our Connect form.

2. Discovery  The Discovery process will help identify your strengths and growth edges as they pertain to church planting. The process is an encouraging moment, as you receive objective affirmation from an external source of your inner call and readiness to plant. The River Network offers a Discovery path in-house and also through our partnership with Stadia.

3. Training  Church planting requires specific skills, and we want to acquaint you with those. Our two day, in-person training takes place in various locations across the country, and will help equip you with the tools needed to start and strengthen your church plant.

4. Coaching  Participants with The River Network can elect to partner on their journey with a coach experienced in church planting. The coaching partnership offers individual guidance on your unique situation.

Ready to Get Started?