The River Network partners with Stadia Church Planting to assist church planters in the Discovery process
The Discovery process will help identify your strengths and your growth edges as they pertain to church planting. The process is an encouraging moment, as you receive objective affirmation from an external source of your inner call and readiness to plant.

1. EXPLORATION  Explore your calling, readiness, and competencies, all for the purpose of helping you to clarify who God has called you to be, as well as how and where God has called you to serve.

2. DISCERNMENT  During this supportive, relational phase, the key question you will consider is, “Am I and my family ready to start a church?”

3. DISCOVERY  An in-person event where you will do a deep dive into discovering your skills. A representative of The River Network will also be at the event.

select either “Global Methodist Church” or "The River Network" as your planting partner